Bridge Across the water


In my hometown of Shiprock the bridge across the San Juan river has been a landmark for the last 120 years. All iterations used a trusses on piers to span the river and have looked similar to the current bridge. The turquoise is set in a bowl like bezel to allude to the importance of the water it transports to my family’s old farm. The bracelet is a nice blend of new and old and will fit nicely in a new and established jewelry collection.

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Bridge across the water (original concept)

ZM – #0139

3.5 oz. sterling silver

70 carat NOS North America Turquoise

Hand stamped and textured to recreate older aesthetic

shaped on approximately 14 gauge silver

Turquoise is a self lapidary  nugget set in a high raised bezel

1 ¼ x 2 ½ x 3, 6 – ¾ allaround, 6 inches with a 1 & ¼ gap

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Weight 4 oz


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