NEH & NPS with New Mexico Historic SItes’ Artists’ in thier Residencies

  This is part one of two videos of a virtual Studio tours and artists residencies showing culturally relevant stories to the exhibits and parks all over the United States. As part of this series, I’m documenting the creation of a recreation of a 19th century twill textile as a testament and voice to the weavers that still wove in the tragic and horrible events before and after the Navajo…

The main project for 2022

6 inches from the halfway mark, finishing the orange stripe with some tapestry steps that are smaller than the red “Colors may fade. … but I still exist” #fiberart #fiberartist #uprightloom #tapestry #tapestryweaving #navajoloom #navajo #dinéways #diné #indigenous #indigenouspeoplemonth #nativeamerican #nativeamericanheritagemonth #firstnations #firstnationsart #twospiritartist #gayartist #gaynavajo #queerart #weaving #navajotextile #navajorug #chiefblanket #blanketwoven #handloom #handweaving #wool #fibershed #slowfashion #sustainablefashion

Rainbow Fiber co-op Dye Off

Rainbow fiber is a non profit set up to try to find sustainable fair trade ways to support Navajo producers from their flocks to the final product. They needed help and myself along with a few others weavers spent the weekend dyeing the first colors. Photo credit:rainbow fiber co-op

Santa fe Indian Market is a GO

    Wedge weaving was a common technique for earlier cultures and historic basket makers. The normally horizontal stripes could be woven on a slight bias to created interesting patterns. Thiers is no clear evidence weather middle 19th century Navajo weavers learned the technique from a basket, or it’s makers or developed the technique completely independently. In all cases the weavers soon became experts in wedge weaving continually refining the…

I’m entered in the Dine’s College Navajo Cultural Arts Week, Please vote for my works or your favorite

I started with an Certificate and ended up a full time college student. Zefren_M is a graduate of the Navajo Cultural Arts Certificate Program and a current Navajo Silversmithing BFA student. Two years worth of silver scrap that was refined from 17 oz. to a working silvers ingot of 11 oz. Created with an outdoor self built kiln and poured to 16 mm. at 5.5. inches to red hot forged…

Wool Dye Timelapse

Cool cloudless evening some freshly ground cochineal hot water time Time-lapse Zefren-m Cochineal Process I sometimes will dye my extra skeins of Navajo Churro to funds raise for travel to the art shows and 2020 was one of those years. Though I already knew the severity of how the COVID-19 pandemic would play out i felt safe enough to proceed with the 2020 Heard Museum Show.    

Walking Skirts: A look back to 2012

Zefren-M Men’s tunic Shirt with two piece sleeves I started back in 2013 having to research how to created clothes for my growing body as I past the XXXL mark. I downloaded many books and manuals and even a apprentice book. What was interesting about his book was that it was purposely left with mistakes and hard language that requires a master tailor to translate. I was able to understand…