Well it’s that time of year, it’s the holidays and studio time for the 2024 art market season.

It’s not going well, but it is the same for most artists that I’ve talked to. It seems like my family goes from one financial emergency to the next. And it’s doesn’t like look like its going to get any better until next year. So the short update is I’m soon to exhaust my savings and sales are slow. This year was heavy one travel, but they were paid by the clients agreements made since the COVID shutdown. And have no work lined up other that my weaving and Sliversmithing until spring.

I have decided to protect the collectability of my art by not changing the prices but changing the scale of the pieces, that way I do not make the collectors worry about volatility in my art as an investment. I’ve tightened my tracking of collectables pieces and added serial numbers to track any work over $200 in jewelry. I’m also signing and providing documents for anything else. This should help maintain authenticity. As many artists are selling less reputable works. I;m still working with solid sterling silver, stones and natural materials for weaving.

So it’s back to the loom and anvil for me and if you can sponsor my time in the studio

then you can use my shop to support my work directly

Here. -Support Zefren-M here-

Any amount helps or if you can

I still have many Statement Jewelry pieces and one of kind textiles you can own while supporting my work.

Other updates is that I’m almost ready to debut the Learning with Zefren portion of my website white for a fee you will get videos and lesson along with direct instructions and support from me in Fiber and sewing for the home crafter. So stayed tuned.

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