As i go through the end of 2021, sales have soften, so look forward to some sales for the upcoming Christmas Season and some new items, every month i will have a special Twill sampler for sale at a reduced price to cover the over head. 

The slow down has not stopped me from working on the 2022 Art festival season as I will be at the 64TH annual Heard Museum Giuld Indian Market & Fair. I have also Applied for the Centennial Indian Market in Santa Fe. This month is also Native American Heritage Month so continue to support Native Artists and myself through purchases in out shops or from the artist directly. 

Have a Happy Holiday and look forward to the coming year

Current weaving

Working title “Colors fade but I’m still here”

A year ago I went back to college, my professor taught me to use my expirence emotion and advocate my voice in color and sketches. COVID did me wrong by frothing up repressed trauma with heartbreak and grief. I was angry and loud, but through class I was able to channel it into my paintings. Everything was fading in blackness. And only grief and anger in red stayed bright. This weaving captures the moment when the I faced every fear, loss and anger, and made it a part of my being but not letting it define me. There is beauty is the still and silent, happiness and balance represented by the colors are muted but present. I’m over it at present, but I felt the moment needed to be captured in a weaving.