Halfway on the Rainbow fiber Wool Shearing season.

Through winds, dust and cold we have continued to sort and process the wonderful wool from the Finest Navajo churro Producers on the Navajo Reservation. The tells the story of every flock the good and the bad but overall we are all grateful that Rainbow fiber needs wools and pays the fair price to these wonderful herders. more at www.rainbowfiber,org and https://www.instagram.com/rainbowfibercoop/

The website has a officially lunched

So far this website has been rebuilt from the ground upand is now live in a veryrudimentary but functional way except for the storeI hope that it will continue to bringanswers and enjoymentfor at least the next two yearsbecause I don’t want to go through having to rebuild a website from scratch next time I’m definitely hiring a professionalyou all have a great day