Bad Moon Rising Poncho


Navajo Two faced Poncho with the Early morning dawn blanket on one side and Night darkness blanket on the other. It is the leadership and Warrior blankets woven together.

This symbolizes that the end is often times a new beginning so one should not be hopeless when the whole world seems out of order.

72 in. long with 55 in. width at the center.

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I know it’s very unorthodox because finishing blankets in this way has not been a standard practice for over 150 years, the process of shirking woolen blankets is know as waulking. Early navajo blankets were made out of finely spun natural colors dyed with very colorfast commercial or cochineal reds and indigos.  These blankets would be exposed to wet weather harsh conditions and sometimes rinse with water when possible.  Years of experimenting with my own spinning and weavings, so now I’ve settled on this process to wear-in a blanket. This is so the owner doesn’t have to worry about drastic shrinking or bleeding dyes. All the colors in this particular weaving are natural wool colors, enhanced with either acid dyes indigo and cochineal. Then then the yarn is processed for fastness and shrinking.  This weaving shrink less than 6 inches all around from its loomed dimensions and is now dry clean safe. This process  will drastically change textured and bleed dyes for anything woven after the 1880s.

Hand woven and spun. Every design is fabricated one at a time and there will be slight variations in every piece that makes it unique. This is true even among one design. This bracelet can be sized down an additional inch after purchased. Commissions on this design are available, email the link and additional client requirements for an estimate.


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