Jokers Wilde


An extra-large statement bracelet casted from ingot, hand forged from my own silver scraps collected over a three year period. After carefully hammering the ingot to a rough thickness I ran the ingot into a hand mill until roughly 2.5 mil thickness. Then I carefully spilt shanked the ribs in the style of early Fred Harvey Bracelets. After several unsuccessful attempts that ended with the bracelet cracking I was successful.

In stock


8.1 oz Sterling Silver

6 ½ inches with a 1 1/8th gap 8 ½ inches all around

Womens XXL/Mens XL


Every Zefren-m Product of handmade by the Artist themselves with hand tools and limited machinery. Every piece is imbued with slight variations even among commissioned designs. These are unique to each piece. Every Zefren-m design is available in custom sizes and with additional design options. Please contact for an estimate if you do not find you size.


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