Unruly Ram no. 143

Growing up every so often you get an aggressive ram and if it bucked anyone, them grandma would mark it for butcher. So this bracelet is for all those unplanned family gatherings that were more for Herd improvement than to eat.

Asymmetric design with slight flared scalloped edges on the negative spaces with embossed diamond background.

Length: 6 Gap: 1 1/8 inches All-around: 7 1/8

Woman’s XL/Men’s L

1.8 oz. of Sterling Silver


In stock (can be backordered)


Hand stamped and formed. Every design is fabricated one at a time and there will be slight variations in every piece that makes it unique. This is true even among one design. This bracelet can be sized down an additional inch after purchased. Commissions on this design are available, with thicker gauges available please email the link and additional client requirements for an estimate.


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The Zefren-M Shop is where you can purchase a truly one-of-kind Native American Art pieces handcrafted by Zefren, Native american himself. Commissions are available on any previous design just contact us below. Since 2016 Zefren-m has won world renowned ribbons at major Native American Art shows and builds collectability into every piece. All jewelry is solid precious metals unless disclosed and all stones are natural strengthened Turquoise unless stated as Natural. Zefren-m Does not use plastic or reconstituted turquoise in any piece. Nothing is manufactured, or for mass productions, each statement piece comes with a certificate of authenticity to help maintain a pieces collectability. All pieces are are discontinued after reaching 50 iterations of one design. 


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