Turquoise man the Earring maker

*Canvas has a repair from falling during a demonstration at Aztec Ruin National Monument

28.00″ h x 22.00″ w x 1.33″ d

Acrylic painting

Zefren_M 2021

Weight: 2.50 lb

Artist's Suggested price: $400.00

Break Even price: $250.00

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In the distant past in Navajo tradition, lived an unassuming youth with a capturing physical appearance and beauty. As he grew into a man, he wanted to be clothed only in the finest that his hands could create. He chose Turquoise and the first thingg worthy of his body was ear rings he fashioned thus becoming his name. He eye for jewelry, his physique and his craftmanship soon rose him among the highest influencers in the land. Soon he would crave for power and control and that would see his fall and the rise of the ancestors of the Navajo. Mono chromatic 22 x 28 acrylic on canvas Zefren-M 2021

Additional information

Weight 2.5 oz
Dimensions 22 × .75 × 28 in


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