Mother Earth and Father Sky Entwined


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Woven in two old techniques, Batten woven on a blanket loom and wedge weave. The batten ensures proper density for the blanket to become soft and warm while the Wedge Weave technique allow greater efficiency in weaving as the weaver maximizes the weaving area to its fullest before having to move. Textiles experts are at a lost on the Wedge weaves place in Tradional Navajo weaving as it breaks most of the standard rules for modern Navajo weaving, but it’s recreation of the characteristics of 1880swedge weaving assures it’s place among the old blanket textiles of the Navajo.

Is a one of kind piece, original woven, artist reserves the right to reproduce the likeness in other mediums.


Ephraim “Zefren” Anderson

(b.1982   –   Navajo Tribe)

Mother Earth & Father Sky Entwined, 2021

100% wool in Batten Woven Plain Wedge Weave.

000.00 cm × 000.00 cm (68 in × 58 in. )



Father Sky and Mother Earth entwined

In the distant past Na’ashjé’ii Asdzáán (Woman of Spiders) would visit the Navajo and Pueblo ancestors, and imbued the people with her creativity, strength and intellectual knowledge. This weaving is my interpretation of Navajo Mother earth and Father sky sand painting in the language of Wedge weaving. The duality of gender is woven into the stripes between the female (narrow) and the Male (wide) and the conflict, dialogue and resolution. True peace is the dialogue between extremes so that no one gender or sex can be superior to the others. All sexes are dominate and submissive and fluidity creates and expresses gender. The variant indigo dye edges on the scalloped edges represents the importance of the water cycle to life and though we make conflict part of our everyday life it must not supersede our relationship with water.  The Blanket as a whole represents the pattern that is the cycle of Nitsáhákees (Thinking), Nahat’á (Planning), Iiná (Living) and Sihasin (Salvation) to be read from edges to Center

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