House of the Butterfly


A diagonal tapestry twill weave with the main body woven in a larger diamond twill and small count broken diamond at the sides. . 100% wool, indigo dye for blue acid brown and black.


Tapestry twill was weaving technique that originated during Pueblo I (900 AD), and peaked between Pueblo II (1080 CE), Pueblo III (1190s) in northern Ancestral Puebloans. The technique was supplanted by embroidery between Pueblo VI and the historic period and survived in what Joe Ben Wheat called “Navajo twill tapestry” in Horse girths, capes and dresses from the early classic period of Navajo weaving. (1880s)


Featuring Rain-house design with alternating white and back stripes reconstructed from both horse cinch fragments and lithographs from Dinétah Circa 1820s

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House of the butterfly

Zefren-M 2020

100% wool in Braided and weft faced twill.

57×27 144 x 69 cm – 4 in. (10 cm) Fringe

Navajo (Dine)




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