Empathy Shawl I

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In May I was recovering from Covid-19 and for two weeks I spun scrap yarn when I had energy. Many things went through my mind during the ups and down of the infection. I understand those who survive and felt the same fears as those that didn’t. Now almost 6 months later I’m finally weaving on those yarns. And then true survivalist fashion I’m using any and all yarns I have left not Dedicated to a specific project. Woven from combination of machine spun Merino, mohair blends with sustainably-sourced hand dyed Navajo churro yarns. It creates a sensible shawl imbued with survival.

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Zefren-M 2020

Navajo (Dine)

100% wool in Warp and weft balanced twill

Horizontal Loom woven

50×28 – 2 in. Fringe


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