COVID Chrono Choas

The last available weaving of the COVID – Empathy Series. It was also the frist to be woven after i recovered from COVID in 2020. It a recording of having to re-learn how to weave a pattern that i’ve previously mastered.

Winner Board of Regents Award 2021 Navajo Cultural Arts Week Dine College


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Ephraim is a graduate of the Navajo Cultural Arts Certificate Program and a current Navajo Silversmithing BFA student. This 100% wool textile documents the mental rehabilitation I endured after two weeks of being bed ridden with COVID-19. The struggle to remember how to weave and perform the most mundane weaving tasks is documented in every link of black and white wool. It serves as a snap shot of the struggles of every person who suffered from the milder symptoms of COVID-19. Even after mastering the log cabin weave, I was still months away from being able to resume my traditional Navajo weaving, all of which left me feeling as if I were starting from scratch all over again.

This is ONe of a Kind, signed, no plans to reproduce the likeness in other mediums.


Ephraim “Zefren” Anderson
(b.1982 – Navajo Tribe)
COVID & Empathy series

“COVID Chrono Choas”, 2020
Open balanced Log Cabin woven shawl
223.52 cm × 58 cm x 3 mm (88 in × 23 in. x .2 in. )



Additional information

Weight 5 oz
Dimensions 58 × 26 × .2 in


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