Road to the House of Corn


About 500 years ago, All over the Americas, a special technique developed from the finer weaves off the looms of the ancestors. The weaving was treated either to resist dye or take up. Some were painted using yucca brushes, hollow reeds and Squash and Corn made into stamps. This is one such textile using yucca brushes, a hollow tube and squash and corn cob stamp to pattern the dye into an image.


Suitable for framing to match most decors “Road to the House of Corn” is a contemporary study on the various ways to paint textiles.

In stock



“Corn Rhapsody”
Painted and stamped in Acid Black
Stretched onto Canvas Frame
limited 1 of 4
each unique to its creation.
41 x 24 1/4 inches  x 3/4
100% cotton


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