“Come get your Weaving tool”


“Come get your weaving Tools”

Unnumbered original

Triple refined reclaimed silver

Pictorial Cast in Tufa stone

Coarse and fine grain

7 inches with a 1 1/4 wide gap

1 3/4 wide and about 3 mm thick

10.5 ounces

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Casting in large weights is a new skill for me. I had to could a makeshift kiln based on old Navajo ethnographic data and adapt modern tools to melt the 13 ounces that was needed to successfully cast this bracelet. https://www.instagram.com/p/CMI8vsblRFF/

The bracelet is named “come get your weaving tools” a short visual story in rock art style with weaving tool sales people a couple of the Spider clan of old the stamps is stylize spider in the center. In the end I’m so satisfied with the bracelet because it’s heavy and a size that hard to find in sliver sheet. Making bracelets for men is a underserved client that I’ve seen.


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