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Interlocking Diamond Twill - Discontinous Weft tapestry Twill

Late 8th century CE to Present

North American Southwest & Peru


I rarely will play Records on older gramophones because of the destructive nature of the player but it’s perfectlly fine on pitted records that i have multiple copies. 

I always preserve the original recordings Dymanic range, meaning the diffrence between the softness and loudness of a recording session. Mant re issues have processed the sound so the softness of loss and every instrument is intrusive to all others. Many of the original recordings were laid back with emotions captured in the dymanics. 

Sometimes a unaltered recording is necessary to understand the medium, many of my videos are a 50/50 blend of noise reduction with the original recording. Here is the frist recorded Jazz recorded. Recorded by All white band in 1917, fortunately this break in music would collapse racial barriers and many All Black bands were recorded in the following year. 

HOw good was 78 RPMs when the 45 record took over? Take a listen and if you want more you can listen on youtube at