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Triple refined silver

I started with an Certificate and ended up a full time college student.

Zefren_M is a graduate of the Navajo Cultural Arts Certificate Program and a current Navajo Silversmithing BFA student. Two years worth of silver scrap that was refined from 17 oz. to a working silvers ingot of 11 oz. Created with an outdoor self built kiln and poured to 16 mm. at 5.5. inches to red hot forged to 4 mm. and 6.5 inched and milled down to 2.5 mm (10 guage) and 7.5 inches at a weight of 9 oz. Stamped with batman and joker motifs to understand the madness of the Joker and creating your own silvers ingots. Worked like a 1930s Fred Harvey split shank bracelet and filed very minimally to preserve the finish, the bracelet shows minimum micro cracks and brilliant luster only created from the refining process. Jokers Wild is an avant-garde reinterpretation of classic Navajo silver jewelry.

It’s been hard balancing producing art and turning assignments in for class. I’m doin my best and the professors have giving me just a different perspective that the possibilities are seemly endless. I hope to share my journey more on these blog posts so stay tuned.  


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