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Men’s Velvet Dress Shirt
Men’s tunic Shirt with two piece sleeves

I started back in 2013 having to research how to created clothes for my growing body as I past the XXXL mark. I downloaded many books and manuals and even a apprentice book. What was interesting about his book was that it was purposely left with mistakes and hard language that requires a master tailor to translate. I was able to understand the secrets after reading a 1933 and 1909 human proportions manual. After that it was pure joy bringing these 120 year old patterns and being able to understand how early Navajo women made clothes after attending boarding school. They had a complete understanding of human proportions math and the tricks of the trade of the old master tailors of the UK.


That brings us to the walking skirt, or the two tiered skirt, I’ve also heard of it being referred to as the house skirt. The base pattern is 1890s skirt gives the wearer a level of freedom that works well in an office or on a farm. The pattern starts as  half circle skirt that has it’s balanced point tilted to put 75%  of the weight of the fabric to the back of the skirt. This creates a self-lifting effect when walking that the wearer does not have to worry about lifting the skirt on stairs.  Running and walking are also improved and when bending down the hem lifts and moves to the back. These attributes made this skirt popular among woman that adopted the skirt. The basic design has not changed since the late 19th century.


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